Been Busy

So yeah i’ve been busy with school, work, my son, studying for the 801-802 A+ certification, playing League of Legends and World of Warcraft.

Leagues menus have changed so what I have posted is a tad bit out of date. The menu still functions on the same bases, just looks different and there is a couple new features. Once I get some time I will work on a new post for the new menu options. I might also just wait for the map to be go live as well. Then do both at the same time.


Basics of League of Legends

League of Legends, or LoL as the gaming community calls it, is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, or a MOBA, that has taken the gaming community by storm. If you are a avid gamer you have probably at least heard of LoL, it is the most popular electronic sport, or e-sport, in the world at the moment. Riot Games, the creators, fund and hold many tournaments through out the world for their League Champion Series, or LCS, many of them offering cash prizes and a spot in the LCS World Championship, yes e-sports have World Championships much like the World Series, World Cup, or the Super  Bowl. However if you are just starting out, you are a long way from working your way up the ranking ladder, let alone finding a spot on the LCS Teams.

If you are just starting out you will see a little video on some tips, which we will cover in a bit. Also Riot has set up a little match that has you on a team of 4 computers, or bots, and a enemy team of 5 bots. This 5 vs 5 is the basic mode for LoL and the only mode you will see in the LCS games, which Riot does stream and you can watch them when they are live to see how the pros play.

So after your training game, you are probably left a little confused about what just went on and now you are at this weird screen and probably a little lost.

LoL Menu

Now there is a couple key icons and buttons here to take account of.

Play –  Big red button in the middle of the top of the screen. This button will take you to all of the match making options available to you. We will get to these in a bit.

Blue ! or Yellow Yield Sign ! – This icon is usually to the Left of the Play button. This icon is Riots way of letting us summoners, the players, know that something is up with a Champion, or a Item.  Or maybe that somethings are now fixed.

Player Icon – This Icon is your picture, it has no effect on the game. Just looks cool so pick the one you like the most. The little number in the corner is your Summoner Level.

Experience Bar – The long bar to the right of your Player Icon.  This bar is just a measure of your experience, once it maxes out you will level up and gain another Mastery Point and another Rune spot will open. The summoner level maxes out at 30.

Currency – The long bar to the right of the Experience Bar is where your Currency is displayed. The first Currency displayed if your Riot Points, or RP, this is the Currency you have to usually buy with real money and has a icon of a little fist with a red background. Influence Points, or IP, is earned by playing matches, whether you win or lose you will gain IP

Store – This is the orange icon with a chest on it underneath your Experience Bar. This button will send you to a new screen.

LoL Shop

Inside the Store you can spend your IP to buy Runes and Champions and you can use your RP, which can be bought from the gold icon at the top of the list, to buy Champions, Skins, Icons, Ward Skins, Boosts and Bundles. You can also use the gifting center to send friends anything that can be bought in the shop.

  • Champions – The characters you can play in the game.

LoL Shop Champions

  • Skins – Can only be bought with RP, Changes the look of the Champions and sometimes the animations and spell effects.

LoL Shop Skins

  • Icons – You can purchase new Summoner Icons with RP, and some with IP.

LoL Shop Summoner Icons

  • Ward Skins –  Wards are little points of sight that you can drop around the map to gain sight at a certain location. Ward Skins just change the look of the Wards that you drop.

LoL Shop Ward Skins

  • Boosts – With RP you can purchase an IP Boost, which increases the amount of IP you can gain from each match, and Exp Boost, which increases the amount of Experience you gain from each match. (Exp Boost in-effective once you reach level 30)

LoL Shop Boosts

  • Bundles – With RP you can purchase Bundles, which usually include a good number of Champions and a Skin that can only be obtained from buying this Bundle. Over all Bundles are a great deal if you have a good chunk of RP.

LoL Shop Bundles


  • Account – Allows you to buy a change in your location, or to change your Summoner Name.

LoL Shop Account


Now back to the Main Menu, to do so you push the League of Legends icon in the top left corner.

Summoner Profile – The blue icon with the little person is your Summoner Profile, this is your personal information. The second tab is for Ranked Teams, this is for players who are level 30. Now in your personal information you have Profile, League, Match History, Champions, Runes, Masteries, Spells, and Item Sets. You also have a notice of when you First Win of the day is up, this will grant you extra IP once a day. Your Re-Rolls are for a game mode All Random All Mid, or ARAM. Underneath that is your Honor counter, this just counts all the Honor, player granted incentives to play nice. Then at the bottom is your Stat Overview, this tracks how many Takedowns (Kills and Objective Kills), Minion and Monster Kills (or creep kills), and your Wins.

  • Profile –  Your Stat Overview and your Honor.

LoL Summoner Stat Overview

  • League – What “League” or Rank you are in the ranking system. You can not have a League ranking until you are level 30 and have gotten past your Provisionals.

LoL Summoner League

  • Match History – This holds a record of your past matches, you can click on an match to view stats about yourself, or click on the (  ) tab and it will link you to the LoL site were it will show you advanced stats about the game.

LoL Match History

  • Champions – All of the characters you can play in-game. If you click on a character will show you some lore and a recommended build.

LoL Summoner Champions

  • Runes – They are important. Every level you gain you unlock a new empty slot in your Rune Page. You can buy Runes cheap for IP at the store. Each Rune will give you Champion some buffs, and a new slot will open up every time you Level. There is 4 types of Rune are Glyphs, Seals, Mark and Quintessences. You can re-name the Rune Pages by clicking on the name at the top. Every Rune Page holds three Quintessences, and nine Glyphs, Seals and Marks. You can have a max of 20 Rune Pages.

LoL Summoner Runes

  • Masteries – Also important. Every time you level you will gain a new Masteries Point. You can insert these points into one of three trees Offense, Defense, and Utility. Offense has all of your damaging point, Defense has all of your defensive points, and Utility has all of your support points. You can have up to 20 Mastery Pages.

LoL Summoner Masteries (20 max)

  • Spells – The Spells are additional abilities that you can take into battle with you. However you can only carry two at a time. Not every Spell is available right off the bat. You can need to hit level 12 before you can unlock the last Spell flash. Every Spell except Garrison is available in every map. Garrison is a special Spell designed for Dominion only.

The Spells are:

  • ClarityRestores Mana back to you and all near-by allies.
  • Garrison – Will either restore life back to a Point, if the Point belongs to your team, or it will disable a enemy towers ability to  target and attack whichever team cast it, use on Enemy Point. ONLY USABLE IN DOMINION.
  • Ghost – Allows you to run at a increased movement speed by 27% for ten seconds. This also give you the ability to run through enemies, allies, and minions.
  • Heal – Restores Health  to you and all near-by allies.
  • Revive – Will instantly revive you at the Summoner’s Platform, if you have died. NOT USABLE IN ARAM.
  • Cleanse – Removes any debuff on your Champion. Root, Snare, Slow, Damage over Time…etc
  • Smite – Used by the Jungler (will get to him later). Deals massive damage to any minion. Does not work on Champions. NOT USABLE IN ARAM.
  • Barrier – Grants you a shield that will absorb some of the damage that you are taking for two seconds.
  • Teleport – instantly teleports your Champion to a friendly Tower, Minion, or Ward. ONLY USABLE IN SUMMONERS RIFT AND TWISTED TREELINE.
  • Exhaust – Usable only on Enemy ChampionsWill slow down the enemy it is cast on, reducing their movement speed and attack speed by 30% and reducing their damage done by 50%. Lasts 2.5 seconds.
  • Ignite – Usable only on Enemy Champions. Deals 50+(Level *20) damage. This is True Damage, which means it can not be negated by any means. It will also reduce enemies healing done by 50%, and grants vision.
  • Clairvoyance – Can be used to grant a second of sight at your desired location.
  • Flash – This grants the ability to jump over small walls. enemy champions. and other things. This is the spell that is shown in the picture underneath.

LoL Summoner Spells

  • Item Sets – This option can be used to create custom Item Sets. The Ingame Store is big and you can easily lose a item that you like to buy. With the Item Set option you can have everything in one spot at the shop.

LoL Summoner Item Sets

After the Summoner Profile is the Help ButtonThere is a number of issues that you can have help with, without ever contacting Riot.

LoL Help

Now in the middle of the screen is a Spectate window where you can watch some higher ranking people and teams play, underneath that is some news. Beside the Spectate window is some Featured Items from the Store, they are usually Skins or Champions that have come out recently, and last we have Featured Videos, little videos Riot releases every so often. Nothing really important in the middle of the screen that will effect a beginning player.

Now onto the Bottom Bar. Now you have probably been looking from my screen to your screen and wondering why you don’t have the Curse Voice icon and button. Curse Voice is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), a talk system like Skype, that my friends and I use. So unless you download Curse Voice you won’t see that option on the bottom of you screen. So don’t worry you are not missing anything.

                   Friends List                                                  Chat Rooms                                                      

LoL Friends List  LoL Chat 


LoL Notifications

  •  Friends List – If you have friends who play LoL feel free to send them a request to become your friend, or if you just finished a match with someone who was really friendly you can add them then as well. There is three status your friends can have, green which is online and just kind of chilling at the menus or the store. Yellow which means they are busy, usually in a game, the eye you see there means i can click on my friend and view the game they are currently in, the spectate feature however is 3 minutes behind the actual game so you can not warn a friend of what the enemy team is doing. Red which means away. Friends can also set up status messages if they wish.
  • Chat Rooms –  A room…to chat in…with other league players. I personally never use them due to some of the nasty people that tend to dwell in them.
  • Notifications – All of your recent notifications will be stored here. Like game invites, friend requests, or people leaving the queue.

All right now that we have covered the basics of the Menu, its time to talk about the Maps you are able to play on. Which involves us finally pushing that big red button in the top-middle of your screen that says Play. Don’t lie, I know you have been dying to push it. There are four options for game types PvP, Co-op vs. AI, Custom, and Tutorials. Now once you push that big red Play button.

LoL PvP 5s

You will see this screen. For PvP you have a multitude of choices, however if you are just starting i suggest the Co-op vs. AI. I will run down all the PvP choices first. First in the screen above we have Summoner’s Rift and underneath we have the overhead view. Summoner’s Rift is a 5 v 5 map, so its two teams of five players going at it.

The Rift, as LoL players call it, has five different game types to pick from.

  • Normal (Team Builder)
  • Normal (Blind Pick)
  • Normal (Draft Pick)
  • Ranked Solo/Duo Queue (Draft Pick)
  • Ranked Teams (Draft Pick)

Now until you hit level 30 you can not queue for Ranked games, or join a Ranked Team. So if you want to play on the Rift with a enemy team of Humans, you have to pick Normals. Now you notice Normals has three types as well.

  • Team Builder – Allows you pick a champion and call a lane before you even start searching for other players.
  • Blind Pick – You enter into the Champion Select menu with four other people, if you didn’t invite any friends, and then select the champion you want to play and the lane you want to play while talking to your team mates.
  • Draft Pick – This allocates each team a captain which has to power to Ban up to three Champions from the game, the other captain also has three Bans for a total of six Banned Champions this game. After the Bans are done it will allow the Blue side to pick their Champion first, then Purple side gets to pick two, then Blue gets two, then Purple gets two, then Blue gets to pick its final two, and Purple gets to pick its final one.

There are three lanes which champions can go and try to push their way into the enemy base to take there Nexus. The lanes are Top, Middle (Mid), Bottom (Bot), and the non-lane Jungle. Easiest thing to do to get feel for the lanes is to watch a match and see how other players run around, but i’ll explain the best I can.

  • Top – The first lane you see which comes out of the top of both the Blue and Purple bases. This lane generally has Tanks, Melee Fighters, and Attack Damage users. This does not mean that you can’t take a Mage to Top lane. You just won’t see them as often. Like Garen from the Tutorial.
  • Mid – The middle lane of the map is generally used by Mages, or any Ability Power Champion. Like Ryze from the Tutorial.
  • Bottom – The lowest lane on the map generally has the Carry and Support Champions. The Carries job is to…well do as the game says and try to carry your team to victory, they are usually Attack Damage Ranged Champions (ADC), Like Ashe from the Tutorial. The Supports job, is again, self-explanatory, they support the ADC and try to help them win their lane.
  • Jungle – The forested area you see in-between the lanes is called the Jungle. Here resides a number of camps of neutral minions. The Jungles job is to clear out these camps to earn gold and experience, and to assist all three of the lanes if they are losing. These assists are called Ganks, the Jungler will come out of the Jungle and charge the enemy and try to score them a Kill, or at-least push the enemy back.

This is the usual set up for a PvP match.

LoL Summoners Rift Map



The next game map is The Twisted Treeline.

LoL PvP 3s

Twisted Treeline (TT) as two game types Normal (Blind Pick) and Ranked Teams (Draft Pick). As you can see by the map, under us, it looks completely different, and unlike the Rift, TT doesn’t require any specific team comp. Where-as the Rift should have a ADC, Mage, Support, Tank and a Fighter/Assassin, TT can usually work with any team comp. There is also only two lanes, and the Jungle is in the middle. However in the Jungle there is two Alters, see the little ovals on the left and right side of the jungle. They each give a Passive ability for controlling one, and another ability for controlling both. There is also a health pack in the middle of the map, that restores a small amount of health and mana and also increases your movement speed for a short amount of time. However the objective of this map is the same as the Rift, Take the enemy Nexus!

LoL Twisted Treeline Map


Now its time to switch game modes. We are moving to Dominion! Dominion takes the number of players back up to ten and makes it a 5 v 5 again. However you might notice that Dominion only offers Normal (Blind Pick) and Normal (Draft Pick), no ranked to be found here.

LoL Dominion

Dominion, as you might have noticed, is a giant circle. You might also notice the lack of Towers and a Nexus. The objective of Dominion is more like Territories, if you have every played Halo. It revolves around the five points that are in a star pattern around the map. The middle of the map is the Jungle, there are no minion camps here just some speed boost pads and some health packs. The Jungle here is used more the lure enemies into a ambush or to cut across the map. You have to hold at-least one point over you enemy to damage their Nexus. The Nexus’s start at 500 health a piece. Once you gain control of a point it also turns into a sudo (fake) tower. These towers can not be damaged however will become inactive if the enemy tries to take the point, or uses the Summoner Spell Garrison. In the middle of the map is the Storm Shield buff. This, not only makes your character larger, but gives you a regenerating shield, increased health regeneration, and has a chance to lash out and strike near-by enemies with a thunder bolt. Most players will try to hold three of the five points, enough to damage the enemy Nexus, but this will leave you one point away from them damaging your Nexus. You can gain total map dominance if you team is skilled enough and hold the enemy at their base. Once you have drained the enemy Nexus to 0 life you win. BUT DO NOT let your guard down, just because the enemy Nexus has 10 life left does not mean you have won yet! You only win once they are at 0, they can still come back and win with 1 life left in their Nexus.

LoL Dominion Map


Now the last PvP mode to talk about is The Howling Abyss, where All Random All Mid, or ARAM, match’s take place. This is also a 5 v 5 match, however you will notice there is a new, and only one, game type. Normal (All Random). This is where the Re-Rolls i was talking about earlier come into play. Once you enter the Champion Select you are automatically given a random Champion from your list of Champions. If you don’t like that Champion you may Re-Roll, or you can switch with a ally. As long as both you and the ally you wish trade with own both Champions.

LoL ARAMporo


Also as the Name implies, it is All Mid, meaning only one lane to fight in. Every fight will more then likely contain every Champion from both sides of the match. Same objective as the Rift, take down towers, inhibitor, and Nexus to win the match! However ARAM has one Massive difference from every other map. You can not recall back to your base to buy items or regenerate life. Only when you die are you allowed to buy items. Oh and don’t worry you cant really fall into the Abyss, but make sure you check your items once you get into the game. In one of your slots you will have a tasty Poro Snack. What is a Poro you ask? They are the little fluffy snowballs right above this text! Feed a Poro a snack and he will grow larger, feed one Poro all 10 snacks and he will burst into a bunch of smaller Poros. If you feed a Poro with the Champion Braum, the Poro will grow a epic mustache just like Braum’s.

LoL Howling Abyss Map


That covers all the PvP options, Next is what I recommend you start with Co-op Vs AI. Bots feature training games on the Rift, TT, and Dominion. Intro bots are only available on the Rift. All three of the maps off Beginner and Intermediate Bots. This will match you and some teammates against a team of bots, they are not the brightest but they are good to hone the basic skills against.

LoL Bots


Now there is a special event going on right now. See that Yellow Star, and the Yellow Text? Those indicate limited time events. The event Doom Bots happened to be out when i took this screenshot.

LoL Bots - Doom Bots

The Doom Bots of Doom. Only available for a limited time, however Riot has said they might bring out some of the old events and this event as permanent modes. Which would be really nice, to have more modes to play. Now the Doom Bots are only available on the Rift, and there difficulty spawns from one bomb to five bombs, skipping three and four bombs. Doom Bots are insanely strong and smart bots, they also all have a special aura and special abilities. They are made for older players who are looking for some insane challenge. Now don’t get me wrong they are possible to beat. It is just a really hard fought battle.

The next option is Custom. With this mode you can create you own game, or join a custom made game. Like a 3 v 3 fight on the Rift, or a 2 v 2 on TT. it allows you to control the map and number of people in a fight. Fun if you have a couple friends who you want to pit against each other.

LoL Custom


Now the last option is Tutorials, and Professor Ryze (one of Ryze’s Skins) is here to teach you the basics and walk you back through the first match that you played whenever you first logged in to the game. Feel like you didn’t get it the first time? Just go to the Tutorial page and try again!

LoL Tutorial


Now after you select the match you want, you will be stuck in the queue to find allies and enemies. Whenever a match if found for you, you have a choice to Accept or Decline (if something just happen to come up). You also have a time limit to Accept, if you don’t make the time limit you are automatically set to Decline and kicked out of the queue. If someone else Declines or just doesn’t Accept the Match, you will be stuck back in the queue to find another game automatically.

LoL Match Found


This is the Champion Select Screen. I selected Ezreal, he is a Ranged Attack Damage (AD), or Ability Power (AP, magic) Carry. You can build him either way you choose, he is known as a Hybrid Champion. There are a few Champions in the game that are Hybrid, most are AD or AP. Some even build off Armor Value. Now there is a couple things you can notice from this screen, like what map I am at, pick type (blind, draft), game type, and since its a custom game you can see the game owner, all of this in the bottom left, in match details. The bottom right shows the map I am at. In the middle underneath the Champions there is my Runes & Masteries, Spells, and Lock In. I am going to build Ezreal AD so I select my AD Burst Runes, and my ADC Masteries. For my Spells, in Dominion, i prefer to use Ghost and Garrison, this way I can run away or give chase with my Ghost, and I can heal my point or stop a enemy point from shooting at me if i’m forced to fight underneath it. Once you have your Champion Selected click Lock In.

LoL Champion Select


So now you have locked in, the only thing that you can changed is your Runes & Masteries, Spells and your Skin, if you own any. In my case I selected my Pulsefire Ezreal skin. I will not know who I am facing in blind pick until i reach the loading screen.

LoL Skin Select


At the loading screen, you will get the first glimpse of you are up against, also you will if any of them have a skin as well. You can also see what Summoner Icon the enemy has, their Summoner Name, what Spells they brought, and there current load in percent. In this case i selected Jax bot to fight so i can show you how to claim a point in Dominion.

LoL loading screen


Now i’m playing Pulsefire Ezreal, I just wanted to show you the difference skins can show in game.

                    Pulsefire                                                      Normal

Screen10(1) Screen14(1)


Now this is where you will load into when you play Dominion, that big crystal to the right is my Nexus. The blue ring around my Summoner’s Platform holds me in until the match has begun. Now in Dominion you will start out at level 3, and have three points to set, see the golden + signs at the bottom mid? Those are Ezreals Skills that I can put my first three points into.


Dominions HUD


Close up of the Skill menu, I put one point in each of my three abilities, my Q, W, and E. These are every Champions basic buttons unless you change them. R, you Champions Ultimate, is unlocked at level 6, next level is 12, and last is 16. Max Champion level in a game is 18. This will max out every ability, unless you are playing Udyr. The first one, before my Q, is your Champions Passive. Every Champion has one. My D and F are my Summoner Spells. D is my Ghost and F is my Garrison. B is Recall, teleports the Champion right back to the Summoner’s Platform, While standing on the Platform you can use the shop, and your health and mana will regenerate. UNLESS YOU ARE IN ARAM.



Next is the Champion Stats, Items and Gold. First is a picture of Pulsefire Ezreal and in the bottom right corner is my Champion level. Underneath the picture is the Champion Experience Bar showing how close I am to the next level. Beside the picture is the Champion Stats, starting at the top, Attack Damage, Ability Power, Attack Speed, Movement Speed, Armor, and Magic Resist. Next in the one through six spots are the items that you buy at the store, and the icon off to the right, my 1, is your trinket. Underneath is your Gold count.

Now Champion Stats. As far as I know there is no limit to the amount of Attack Damage or Ability Power you can have, you are just limited by your items. Attack Speed maxes out at 2.50, 2 and a half attacks per second. Movement speed is also limited only to how much you can get on your items. Armor and Magic Resist stop at 75%, i’m not sure what the numbers are.

Item, Stats


Next is the Map, this will change depending on the game mode you play.



DOMINION ONLY! The Nexus Life Bar. The Gray Dots are unclaimed points. They will change sides depending on which team has claimed the Point.


Dominion Nexus Health


DOMINION ONLY! This the time the match has been going on and your overall score, which in dominion is based on kills, assists, and capturing and defending points.


Gold, Time, FPS


Any other game will have a display like this. From left to right. It is my teams kills vs. enemy team kills. My personal kills, My personal deaths, My personal assists, and My personal minion kill count (Creep Score or CS). Next, like dominion, is the game timer. Underneath is your FPS, Frames Per Second, and your connection with the server.

(Don’t mind the bad score, I was having a friend help me with the killing sprees)




Now if you are in Dominion or the Howling Abyss you will have this Passive Buff all game.


In the Twisted Treeline you have the chance at two Passive Buffs from Capturing the Altars. If you don’t have any altars in your control you will not have any Passive Buffs.

altar buff 1 altar buff 2

Now when you first load into the game you will spawn on the summoner’s platform. You can either click on the shop keep, or click on your gold count to open the In-Game store. While starting out I suggest you always use the Starting Items the Recommended tab. If you want to explore the items you can click on All Items and buy what you think will help you the best. There really isn’t a set way to build any Champion, so explore and experiment and find out what works for you!

In-Game Shop


The store will usually Recommend that you buy some Health and Mana Potions. They each give off there own aura. You can use both a Health and Mana Potion at the same time. Yes I know i swapped Champions this will happen a couple times.

      Mana                                                         Health

Screen55 Screen45

Now as you are leaving your base, assuming your are blue, you will notice some objects. Like your Nexus, which is what you MUST defend is you want to win. The Nexus has two towers to guard it.


Nexus and Nexus Towers


Now i’m running down mid lane but every lane will look the same, just at a different angle. This is your Inhibitor. If the enemy team destroys this they will spawn Super Minions, which are much harder to kill and hit a lot harder too. (I will get to minions in a minute). Then you have 3 tiers of towers guarding your Inhibitor. This tower is tier 3.


Inhibitor and tier 3 tower


This is Tower tier 2 and Tower tier 1.

Tier 1 and 2 tower


Now there are four types of Lane minions. Last Hitting a minion is a Great way to earn extra gold and some extra experience. Last hitting is a little hard to master, but worth it in any lane. Here are Melee Minions, which are worth 19 gold, and will be worth more as the game goes on, if you finish them off. Minions spawn at 1:30 into a game.

Killing Melee Minion give +19g


Mage Minions are worth 14 gold to start with.

Killing Mage Minion gives +14g


Cannon Minions are worth 43 gold to start with and only spawn once every three minion waves. They are great for tanking towers for you.

Cannon Minion gives +40g

Now i had a hard time getting a good picture of a purple super minion in-game. But here is a little drawing of him. They are worth around 40 gold. Super Minions only spawn if a Inhibitor is destroyed. They have the most health and most damage output of all the Lane Minions. If you take down a Inhibitor the enemies might have to focus on trying to protect their Nexus and not their other lanes, or other important objectives.

purple super minion


Now you are going to have more then the Minions to worry about in a Lane, First and Foremost on that list is the Enemy Champion(s). Don’t bum rush straight at the enemy champions, try to poke them from a ranged and deal some damage before you try to go in on them. Minions will attack you if you attack the enemy champion while close to them. Also the towers will target you if you under the tower range while attacking. However if you manage to score First Blood! or the first kill of the match you are rewarded with 400 gold after four minutes. If you kill them within the first two minutes you will only get 325 gold. Three Minutes its 350 gold.

(Don’t Mind all the blue off the enemies when they die, as Pulsefire Ezreal i have that effect, normal Champions don’t have it. While others are different effects.)

First Blood +400g


Now the Towers. Your in lane objectives. If you don’t take the Towers you can not get into the enemy base and take their Nexus.

Not Safe Tower Zone

In Bots you will be shown the range of the towers. Yellow is caution. If you enter you will be targeted by the tower and towers hurt.

Safe Tower Zone

You want to let your minions in the range first. Towers always target minions first. UNLESS you attack a enemy champion under tower. Then you will see this.

Targeted by Tower

Which means you are now the towers new target. In PvP you will not see the big red aura. You will however hear a little ping sound, the lazer will aim at you, and you will get a icon above your head. All which means its time to move. You usually want to move before you last minion dies so you can avoid tower damage all together.

Now the Main objective of your lane is to destroy the enemies towers, and eventually their inhibitor. However if you take the enemies tower you gain a 150 gold for your entire team! and you cut the enemies vision down. (I will get to vision here in a minute) However if you last hit a tower you will personally gain a extra 100 gold.

Taking Tower


Remains of a tower.

Tower Remains

While you are in the game there is a system of Pings you can use to help guide your allies. These can be done with a quick press of the G key or the V key. These are for times you don’t have time to type “Hey look out!” or “Look over here” in chat.

Screen98                                               Screen97

For a quick look here.  Basic Ping. G key        Warning Ping. Used to show that trouble maybe here. V key.

You can also Hold in G or V and move you mouse to select a different Style of Ping on the Ping Wheel.



Danger                                               Assist Me!


Screen99 Screen102


On My Way.                    Enemy Missing

Screen101 Screen100


The Danger ping is like the Warning Ping but you know that area is dangerous.

Assist Me!….Well i’m asking for Assistance.

On My Way is a bit different. That little arrow that cuts into the circle will move depending on which way I am coming from. It also shows the name of the Champion that is on his/her way.

Enemy Missing is the ping that you will probably use most. It is, as it says, to let your team know that the enemy or enemies in your lane is missing. It is a good idea to ping enemies missing whenever you do not have sight on your enemy Champion. They might have left to attack another lane, or they might have just gone back to the store to buy something, the point is that you don’t know where they are and it could end up very bad for an ally.

You can also Ping Objectives or Champions.

Attack Enemy


Attack Objective                                                             Defend Objective


Screen107 Screen105



Now notice how I am pushing, taking down minion waves and trying for objectives, in mid lane. See how I haven’t lost any towers so i still have sight all down mid. However in top lane i lost my tier 1 tower and thus lost my vision.

Things that provide visions:

  • Minions
  • Ally Champions
  • Wards
  • Towers
  • Inhibitor
  • Nexus
  • Trinkets

Map without vision

Vision is a key part of the fight, I know vision sounds silly but knowing where you enemy is can prevent a lot of bad fights for your team, or set up an attack of your own.

Do you see that little blue eye ball in the river? That is one of my wards, giving me vision on one of the objectives, the Dragon.

There are two types of wards, Vision wards and Sight wards.

Vision wards, the green one, have three hits and are invisible to the enemy. They grant vision for three minutes and see everything that a Champion does. So if a enemy was to run by dragon i would see the Champion.

Sight wards, the pink one, have five hits and are not invisible to the enemy. They will sit in plain sight however they will give vision on invisible units. However they have no time and will not expire, unless they are destroyed.



See here, yeah I know I am a different Champion, it looks like I am alone.




However Teemo’s passive allows to turn invisible as long as he sits still. With my Sight ward I can reveal Teemo and attack him now.


Now like i said this ward will stay here for the whole game until Teemo destroys it. Teemo’s Ultimate sets up invisible mushroom traps and with my sight ward I can see them as well.



Wards can also be used to see into the bushes, without standing in a bush you have no sight in the bush. They are great to hide in and get a quick shot out on a unsuspecting enemy.

See I warded the top bush, thinking Teemo was hiding in it.


However he got a cheap shot on me from the bottom bush. Now when a enemy attacks out of a bush they are revealed for a short period of time.



I can see Teemo if he runs around the top bush. However not being a Sight ward if he were to stand still, I would lose sight on him. I would know he is there, but I wouldn’t be able to target him. Any Area of Effect (AoE) ability can effect and damage a invisible Champion, you just have to know where the Champion is.




There are three different Trinkets you can buy from the In-Game Shop. They all upgrade at level 9 and you can purchase a third upgrade from the shop after level 9.

  • Warding Totem – A minute long ward that you can carry. The second upgrade is a two minute ward. The third upgrade can either be a sight or a vision ward that lasts three minutes.
  • Sweeping Lens – Used to scan a area of your choice for invisible objects and disables them for a time. The second upgrade increase the range you have to be to cast it. The third upgrade gives you a aura that lets you and your team see invisible objects for ten seconds. Here I can see Teemo has left a trap in this bush, and I have disabled it for now. Allowing me to destroy it without it blowing up in my face.


  • Scrying Orb – This will allow you see a spot on the map for 1 second at different distances per level. Also reveals any enemy you hit with the orb for five seconds, which allows you to see them even if they are invisible or hiding in the bushes. If you cant see the map. I’m standing in mid lane and i’m able to see as far as the Golem camp in the jungle, which is almost in top lane.



Now many fights might break out on your way down the Lanes, or in the Jungle. If a single Champion scores multiple kills in a row they can gain. However this have to be gained in a set period of time.

Double-Kill Two kills

triple kill Three Kills

Quadra Kill Four Kills

Pentakill Five Kills

If the kills are gained over a longer period of time and without dying they can go on streaks. However steaks can be Shut Down for extra gold for the one who Shut the Champion Down.

Screen68 Three Kills

Screen74 Four Kills

Screen85 Five Kills

Screen86 Six Kills

Screen89 Seven Kills

Screen90 Eight Kills

Now like I said these have to be done Without Dying! If you happen to die in the middle of the spree you will see this lovely message.



Which will be followed by a nice bonus for the one who Shut Down the Champion on the spree.

Screen69 For a Killing Spree Shut Down.

Screen76 For a Rampage Shut Down.

Screen91 For Anything higher then Unstoppable Shut Down.

There is one more message you have a chance to see after a Team Fight and that is for Killing every member of the enemy team.


Means every member of the enemy team is dead! and it is a great time to push!

Aces can spell doom for a team. This allows whichever team is still up to capture valuable objectives or even win the match.

There are 4 major objectives besides towers, inhibitors, and the Nexus to take and control.

Blue Buff from the Golem



Which is also the blue ring around me. It greatly increases Mana and Energy, some champions use energy over mana and some champions don’t use any resource at all!, regeneration. Also gives 10% Cool Down Reduction (CDR), which will let you cast your abilities more often and not run out of mana as fast.




Red Buff from the Elder Lizard



The Red Ring around me. As you can see buffs can also stack. Red Buff causes basic attacks for slow and burn enemy Champions and minions.



Now if you die while holding either of these buffs, they will be transferred to Champion who killed you. They can jump around non-stop as long as the person holding them dies to a enemy Champion before the buffs expire.

Dragon, yeah he sets you on fire… Early game i would advise bring at least 3 or 4 members of your team. Late game you might be able to solo the dragon. He gives 150 gold to your entire team, and the gold scales as everyone in the game gets stronger. He spawns into the match at five minute mark.



And the last and greatest objective of the Rift is Baron Nashor. I recommend fighting him with your entire team at all times. He can be done with three or four people, but you want to clear baron fast.



Once you slay Baron Nashor you will get the buff Exalted with Baron Nashor. This will increase your Attack Damage, Ability Power, Mana Regeneration and Health Regeneration by a large amount. This buff also applies to everyone on your team who is alive. If an ally is dead when Baron is slain they will not recieve Barons buff.



A Champion will all three buffs. Baron buff does not switch Champions whenever you are killed. So if someone was to kill me, they would get my Red and Blue buff but not Baron buff. I will also not respawn with Baron buff and can only gain it again if my team kills Baron Nashor again after he respawns.


Or with a Ace you can push the enemy base! Take a Inhibitor and give you team a good foot hold in the enemy base. However Inhibitors will re-spawn after a period of time, but while it is broke your minions will have a Super Minion at the end of each of the lines.

Destroying Inhibitors


Or try to take the Nexus. The yellow aura behind me is indeed a tower! We call this the God Tower. This tower will do about 1000 true damage a second. Its made of that you won’t go up onto the enemy spawn point and try to kill them as they spawn.

Enemy Base/Tower


Destroyed Nexus!

Destroying Enemy Nexus


Hopefully your games will end with


and not




Good Luck! I’ll see you on the Fields of Justice!